Hormone Imbalance - Bio-Identical Hormone 

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments For Women

Do you have a low sex drive?
7 out of 10 women complaining of a low sex drive have a hormone imbalance.

Hot Flashes?

8 out of 10 women complaining of hot flashes have a hormone imbalance.

Are you Depressed?

2 out of 3 women complaining of depression have a hormone imbalance.


7 out of 10 women complaining of irritability have a hormone imbalance.

If so, Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments may be right for you.

The right balance of hormones is vital to a woman's health, but in menopause when levels are dropping, a deficiency of one hormone can actually appear as a relative excess of another, resulting in symptoms of hormone imbalances.

The official start of menopause typically occurs around the age of fifty and is often accompanied by hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, vaginal dryness and insomnia. But it is not uncommon to see some of these symptoms much sooner, even as early as mid to late 30s.

Menopause can also be surgically induced through the removal of the ovaries, and can be precipitated by hysterectomy, radiation, or chemotherapy.

When taking a test it is important to remember that the results are merely an indication that you might be entering into a stage of menopause, but cannot determine if you are actually in menopause, as abnormal hormone levels may be a sign of other problems.

Understanding the impact of menopause - by testing and monitoring hormone levels - can help women to work with their health care providers to find appropriate solutions that will lead to hormonal wellness.

Natural Female Hormone Balancing
Nancy has successfully designed safe and natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women without the risks associated with conventional HRT.